Biuro Szczecin:

ul. Smolańska 3

70-026 Szczecin

tel. +48 504 202 244



Biuro Dziwnów:

Parkowa 4/2

72-420 Dziwnów

tel. +48601222293



Welcome to Friendly Houses!

We’re a General Contracting company with over 25 years experience providing an extensive range of services – from designing to construction of  ‚turn-key’ projects (a full range of construction and design works).

For many years we have worked in Denmark and Germany so we know well the standards prevailing there. With our know-how in construction, design and our good finance capability we can provide to our clients hight quality product at competitive price. Satisfaction of our clients, meeting their expectations and needs is most important for us. Friendly Houses believes that customers trust is a value we need to care for everyday.

Understanding of changing markets and customer demands we create everyday innovative solutions, to became a leader on the market in construction, keeping high quality and safety on the site, as well acting in accordance with our eco-friendly philosophy.

We built a thousands of “Friendly” houses. Please have a look at our gallery.
If you are interested please contact us.

German speaking: Dariusz 0048 501 520 510
English speaking: Thomas 0048 601 222 293


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